Nutrition researcher, lecturer, dietitian and entrepreneur

Age: 32
Country: Ireland
Profession: Nutrition researcher, lecturer, dietitian and entrepreneur
Hobbies: Playing and watching sport, cooking and eating, playing with my dog, and hanging out with friends

Living with MS since 2003

I’m Conor, and I’m a nutrition researcher, lecturer, dietitian, and entrepreneur. I was diagnosed with MS shortly after my 16th birthday, when I experienced my third relapse, and had to learn to walk again. 

My diagnosis led me to become interested in lifestyle, particularly nutrition. I went on to study human nutrition at Trinity College, Dublin. I’ve worked in hospitals and universities in Dublin and Washington, DC, regularly counselling patients with MS on their nutrition. I’ve now set up my own company to create nutrition products to help people with MS and other conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Eat healthily
Try to exercise every day
Take steps to get a better night's sleep
Feel empowered and in control
Connect with others

1. Eat a healthy diet
Good nutrition is very important for us all, regardless of whether you have MS.

2. Try to exercise every day
I think this is important for pretty much everyone. It helps to keep me fit, but it also gets my mind off things and relaxes me. Strangely, I find that exercise boosts my energy levels.

3. Take steps to get a better night’s sleep
A good diet, not eating too late at night, and being physically active every day helps me sleep better. This in turn helps my energy and mood the next day.

4. Feel empowered and in control
It’s empowering that things like exercise, good food, and good sleep help me feel better on a daily basis and that these are factors I can control.

5. Connect with others
Connecting with other people living with MS in your local area and potentially online is a great way to share experiences, opinions, and thoughts.

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