Art mediator

Age: 31
Country: Switzerland
Profession: Art mediator  
Hobbies: Hiking in the mountains, strolling through museums, helping out in camps for older people living with MS

Living with MS since 2018

I’m Katharina, and I’m a creative professional with experience in journalism and public relations. I work as a freelance project manager of several cultural initiatives and events, including science and art festivals. I was diagnosed with MS in 2018 after experiencing fatigue and pain in my hands and fingers. 

I volunteer at holiday camps for older people living with MS, which has been a very rewarding and enjoyable experience and has motivated me to start a course in social work. 

In my spare time, I love to go hiking, stroll through museums, and just hang out with friends and chat, but this usually ends up in some kind of new venture, like how to get children into nature conservation or thinking of ways to inspire teenagers to take more of an interest in art!

Keep moving
Get close to nature
Experiment with food
Find a healthy work/life balance
Try not to worry about your future

1. Keep moving
If you have the time, and are able to, walk instead of taking the bus for short trips or take the stairs instead of an elevator. Enjoy the fact that by exercising you are also doing something for your health

2. Get close to nature
I love hiking in the countryside. The fresh air and sunshine is good for you; it tops up your vitamin D levels and helps you stay fit and active.

3. Experiment with food
I love experimenting with new recipes. There are so many delicious healthy dishes around, and I think eating a healthy diet can help everyone’s well-being.

4. Find a healthy work/life balance
Everyone needs relaxation and free time! 

5. Try not to worry about your future
Enjoy the possibilities you have now. There will always be a way to figure out how to work around future challenges, and MS might not even affect your life plans at all.

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