Treatment Options

What is the treatment for Multiple Sclerosis?

No one chooses to have MS. But you can choose how to manage it.

Our understanding of MS and how it progresses has increased substantially, since the first MS treatment was introduced around 30 years ago. Now, there are more treatment options than ever before.

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The outlook for MS patients is a lot more positive than it was 20–30 years ago, and this is because of the treatment options now available.


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I was aware of the effect MS was having on my body, so once there was a treatment available to me, I was going to take it.


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When considering how to manage your MS, the time for action is now. MS progresses right from the start, even if you don’t experience new symptoms. So, the sooner you start treatment, the sooner you can manage your MS in a way that suits you.

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It was important for me to start treatment as soon as possible, and this was something my doctor encouraged.


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Your experience of MS is unique to you. So, when considering your options, think about your lifestyle and what you want to achieve now, and in the years to come.

First, take a few moments to learn more about the treatment approaches and types of treatment available to you, then decide with your healthcare team what would work best to help you face your MS head on.

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MS can change your life. But it doesn’t have to define it.

Now you know how to manage your MS, we have lots of tools and tips to help you to carry on living with it.