Things you need to know

  • Getting diagnosed will allow you to start the treatment sooner
  • There are now many treatment options for MS – the 3 main types include: treatment for relapse, symptom management, and disease-modifying therapies. You have MS, but you still have choices. Find a treatment approach that’s best suited to you and your lifestyle 

MS can change your life. But it doesn’t have to define it.

Now you know how to manage your MS, we have lots of tools and tips to help you to carry on living with it.

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Find information to help you make more informed decisions about your disease management.

MS Treatments | Is MS Curable | MS Resistance

Is MS curable?

MS Treatments | MS Treatment Types | MS Resistance

MS treatment types

MS Treatments | Finding the right treatment for you | MS Resistance

Finding the right treatment for you

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) | Treatments Things you need to know | MS Resistance

Things you need to know